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We've been there since 1999.

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Cyber Gangs
Know what gang signs are.What are the gang colors?Who are the prison gangs? The list of all known gangs.Crips and the bloods, are always crip gang or bloods gang. Gang tattoos are shown here. Who are the Surenos? What are the Nortenos? How do the Mexican Mafia relate to all the gangs. The most violent gang in the world is MS13. The 18th street gang sings. or are gang sites for gang research on this page. Crip crip gang, crips, crips gang, gang colors, gangter rap, folk nation, latin kings, sureno, surenos, sureno gang, mexican mafia, mexicanMafia,, nortenos and all the other ms13 will find that hip hop music and music downloads can be found by going to one of Dirkster Production sites. Hackers Canyon and All Ghetto are books written by Dirk Lemmons. Gang Intervention expert Dirk Lemmons was the original internet OG but used the web to help kids get out of gangs. This site is dedicated to helping kids stay out or get out of gangs.